Build better habits,
get rewarded.

At Flora we have a pretty big mission — making mindfulness enjoyable and accessible for all. We're your go-to aid on your personal journey as an active, environmentally and socially conscious being.

Take Action 🏃‍

Think you can walk 10,000 steps in a day? How about going meat-free for a week? Join and complete different challenges to take small steps towards becoming a better you...and rack up those Flora coins 🤑








Self Care



Prove You Did It

Show you completed the challenge by using


Use your camera to identify what's in your photo. If you joined the no meat challenge, we can detect if you're eating meat.


Enable location services and earn Flora coins for visiting a local plant based restaurant, the gym, and more.


Using the information from Apple HealthKit and your connected devices, getting active means getting rewarded.

Rewards 🏆

Flora coins can be exchanged for products, experiences
and events, discounts, and more!